Trust Labs Main Branch

About Us

1989 was the year that Prof. Dr. Sanaa Abd El Shafy founded the very first branch of Trust Labs, under the name of “Dr. Sanaa Lab” as a joint-stock company.
Aspiring for more, Prof. Dr. Sanaa turned the Giza branch into a cornerstone for the national expansion, covering different governorates with a total of 15 branches serving thousands of patients with paramount medical standards.
22 years later, Prof. Dr. Sanaa has managed to level-up the potentials of the entity to include: establishing, operating and managing the medical centers and hospitals under the umbrella of the new brand name Trust Labs.
Ranked as one of the top 10 medical labs in Egypt, Trust Labs merges more than 30 years experience in the medical testing field, using most reliable, cutting-edge medical sector technologies and devices, attracting the trust of both investors and clients.

Trust Labs aims to provide the highest medical service to the patient and the most accurate analyzes that help in diagnosing and following up the disease. Trust Labs is one of the ten best-classified laboratories nationwide and this comes to several factors, the most important of which is the intensive care in which the infrastructure of the laboratory was established, including equipment, personnel, and others.
The staff of the laboratory consists of an elite group of university professors who specialize in various fields of analysis, on top of which is Prof. Dr. Sanaa Abd El Shafy, known for her high scientific level and published many international medical pieces of research in the field of analyzes that aim to raise the level of medical analysis science.

Trust Labs Main Branch

Our Vision

“Give every patient the right to have reliable & safe medical service whenever and wherever needed, using the latest tech standards in the medical labs industry.”

Sanaa Abd El Shafy with a microscope

Prof. Dr. Sanaa Abd El Shafy

Prof. Dr. Sanaa Abd El Shafy has won many Egyptian and international awards in the field of medical analyzes, the most prominent of which is her uniqueness of the State Encouragement Prize in the field of advanced medical technology. The laboratory is of international quality standards and is subject to infection control reference for the health and safety of laboratory personnel

  • Professor of Clinical and Chemical Pathology, College of Medicine.
  • Former Head of Clinical Pathology Department at Beni Suef College of Medicine.
  • Former Vice Dean of the College of Medicine for Postgraduate Studies and Research.
  • She is the recipient of the State Encouragement Award in advanced medical and technological sciences
  • She is the recipient of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry Prize
  • Member of the American Association of Clinical Pathology
  • Member of the World Federation of Clinical Chemistry
  • Member of the World Association of Arteriosclerosis
  • Member of the European Society of Cardiology
  • Member of the Arab Federation for Blood Transfusion
  • Member of the American Society of Transfusion Medicine

Our Mission

“To provide the uttermost accurate results in fastest time possible, gain customers trust and respect, ease the whole medical tests experience and deliver exceptional customer experience through our whole network.”

Our Values


Trust Labs is honest with patients, investors, suppliers and most importantly with ourselves.


Trust Labs does its researches; we know the problem then innovate customer-oriented medical-solutions which crucially enhance our customers’ experience.


When it comes to quality, Trust Labs can’t risk a one in million error.


Trust Labs believes in the power of “Network”. Thus, we believe that everyone in the medical sector landscape, including our customers, suppliers and employees, are our partners.


Trust Labs’ directors are the maestros behind the whole establishment, so their main job is to orchestrate laboratory operations in such a manner that puts patient walk-ins, testing and results in harmony to diverse stakeholders.


Trust Labs believe that the core value of business success is the continuous dedication to growth, no matter how hard it could be.


Energy is the essence of life, we, at Trust Labs, care to immensely generate vibrant spirit into offered services, aiming to be reflected on our customers and employees.